Welcome to Ang’s Website

Hello, my name is Ang Li, currently working as a research scientist in Spotify research. I finished my PhD from University of Pittsburgh, School of Information Science, advised by Dr. Rosta Farzan. . During my PhD, I also worked closely with Dr. Yu-Ru Lin, and the PICSO LAB.

Research Interests

My research at the University of Pittsburgh lies in the fields of social computing and data science to understand the user behaviors in the social media platforms, to design more healthy and effective systems to support their users in achieving their goals.

In my research studies, I use both qualitative and quantitative research methods such as content analysis, statistical analysis, data mining and machine learning techniques. I am highly motivated with studies that can facilitate the activities in the social media platforms, improve users’ experience, and hence make such communities sustainable.

My main research projects include:

  1. Understand the role and impact of social media gatekeepers in the process of volunteers collaborative contribute the news related open content. This includes several studies for my PhD dissertation.
  2. Understand users' habits of searching, listening music and podcasts. This includes several studies while as an research intern in Spotify.
  3. Understand how to engage and socialize volunteers for online production communities such as Wikipedia.